Thinking About Purchasing A Portable Generator?

KSAT Generator Video Image

  West Michigan experiences its fair share of power outages ranging from high winds to ice/snowstorms. Do you have a game plan for when your major appliances suddenly stop working? If you are not ready to make the leap to a whole-house generator, then maybe a portable generator is for you. KSAT 12, out of […]

Generate Some Peace of Mind… With a Whole-House Generator

Tandem Electric Generac Generator Installation image

If you have experienced a power outage during the storms in the past few weeks, you can appreciate how convenient and essential it is to have a whole-house generator (also known as a standby generator)! That is why more and more homeowners are emergency-proofing their homes by installing whole-house generators. Unlike portable generators, a whole-house […]

When to Call an Electrician

Tandem Electric Mason Jar light image

How safe is that DIY lighting project? We’ve all seen things on HGTV and thought, “I can do that!” Electrical issues aren’t only related to DIY projects gone wrong. So, how do you know when your house has an electrical problem? Sometimes, it may be obvious if an outlet isn’t working or the light doesn’t […]