Generate Some Peace of Mind… With a Whole-House Generator

Tandem Electric Generac Generator Installation image

If you have experienced a power outage during the storms in the past few weeks, you can appreciate how convenient and essential it is to have a whole-house generator (also known as a standby generator)!

That is why more and more homeowners are emergency-proofing their homes by installing whole-house generators. Unlike portable generators, a whole-house generator is permanently wired into your home and turns on automatically when the power goes out.

So, no going out in a storm to manually start up a portable generator! Standby generators are connected to natural gas lines or large fuel tanks, so they’ll have enough fuel to get you through an extensive power outage.

We live in a time where our lives run on electricity! Just think of it…heating, cooling, lights, cooking, laundry, and bath time for the kids. And don’t forget to charge the batteries of our smartphones, tablets, and computers!

Keep your family safe and comfortable by running essentials through your whole-house generator to make things less stressful. Having heat in the winter months during a power outage is a must! You’ll never panic over losing an entire freezer full of food!

Let Tandem Electric help you find the right size generator for your needs! Give us a call today for a quote on an installed whole-house generator!

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