Surge Protection

Most people associate a voltage spike (power surge) with lightning, but multiple power surges happen daily in most homes and businesses. Power surges occur when high voltage levels move through the electrical system. Depending on the level of impact, power surges decrease the life expectancy of valuable equipment, electronics, and appliances.

Common Reasons for Power Surges

Common Reasons for Power Surges

Eaton Certified Technicians

Tandem Electric is an Eaton Certified Electrical Contractor. We offer whole-home and business surge protection as well as Smart Surge protectors.

Complete Home or Business Surge Protection

Whole-home and business surge protection is a great investment if you use plug-in power strips for your appliances. A whole-home surge protector will limit the amount of electrical current entering your electrical system, keeping all appliances safe from damage.

Smart Surge Protectors

Smart surge protector strips are an additional option for homes and businesses that leave electronics plugged in 24/7. Even when turned off, these devices still waste energy and money. Smart surge protectors limit the flow of power when electronics are not being used.

Which Surge Protection is Right for You?

Give us a call to see if whole-home or business surge protection is right for you. We will inspect your current grounding system and assess your surge protection situation to ensure proper distribution of surges on your electrical system.